Commercial Heating Engineers serving Cheshire & Staffordshire

Arctic Heating Ltd, have a dedicated team of experienced gas heating engineers who specialise in providing commercial heating services for businesses throughout Cheshire & Staffordshire.

At Arctic Heating Ltd we have been providing Commercial heating services throughout Cheshire and Staffordshire for over 12 years. Providing customers the professional and efficient service they deserve.


Our dedicated engineers are highly trained and motivated into providing the best customer experience possible, with over a combined 75 years worth of experience to call on there very few problems we cant correct. Our engineers can Install, Service and Maintain all aspects of heating equipment, from small office boilers to large commercial boilers.


We provide services from Gas Safety Inspections, Tightness Testing and Annual Servicing, Right through to Boiler Replacements and Plant Room Renovations, Our team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Whether you are a Small Office, School, Place of Worship or a Large Warehouse, Arctic Heating Engineers will ensure your premises has heating and hot water all year round.


Having no hot water can affect your business and mean that your workplace becomes unfit for purpose. The best way to ensure your boiler runs smoothly and without issues is to have it regularly serviced and maintained, and that’s where we come in! For businesses with already ailing boilers, we can help. We offer a 24/7 emergency boiler repair service in Cheshire and Staffordshire and we can be with you quickly to fix problems with any type of boiler, whether gas, oil or LPG.


Boiler & Gas Inspections

Arctic Heating Ltd, work with businesses throughout Stockport and Greater Manchester to test and analyse gas appliances. The object of this test is to ensure that your appliance is working correctly and not emitting dangerous gases into the atmosphere.


Our engineers use specialist gas analysers to measure the amount of carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen and water vapour being released and thus give an accurate picture of how well your appliance is working. If you use flues to expel dangerous gases from your workplace, you are required by law to have them regularly tested.


Whether you require a comprehensive gas safety check on a large scale, or a stand-alone service for one particular area of your business, our engineers are Gas Safe registered and will ensure that the inspection is carried out thoroughly with minimum fuss and downtime to your business.


Warm Air & Radiants

Warm air heating units are used to heat large areas, such as factories, warehouse, garages and showrooms where it is necessary for the whole area to be heated.


We provide a full range of services from specification and installation to servicing, repair and repositioning for all types of heating appliance, whether they are gas, or LPG, floor standing, wall hung or suspended overhead.


Contact us for an assessment

Just give us a call and one of our specialist heating engineers will visit your premises to assess your requirements and provide you with a detailed quote for our services.


Water Heaters

The importance of preventive maintenance service programme shows in high demand hot water situations, for example in schools, factories, nursing homes, hospitals, hotels and catering kitchens, where breakdowns can have a costly impact on the service you provide, we provide a 24-hour backup service to keep your site functioning, whether you require a full service, one off breakdown repair or a full gas safety certificate.


Burner Maintenance & Repair Services

Here At Arctic Heating Ltd, our experienced and qualified heating engineers work with all types of boiler burners. If you require a new burner, we offer an installation service and can talk you through the range of burners. We’re also happy to complete repairs where necessary, and can arrange predictive maintenance contracts to ensure continual smooth running and minimum down time.


Process burners are highly important for manufacturing and must always be kept well maintained. We work with a number of breweries across the country and understand the importance of keeping downtime to a minimum.That’s why Arctic Heating Ltd, offer a process burner repair and maintenance service for manufacturing units. Our experienced and qualified engineers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so call us immediately if you have problems. Based in Stockport, we offer boiler burner repairs nation wide.



We are fully qualified to carry out the service and maintenance of any commercial catering equipment and provide you with a gas safety certificate for your insurance records.


Home Information Packs (HIPS) and many homeowner surveys do not carry out gas safety checks.


Ask the vendor for a gas safety certificate which should show that all gas appliances have been checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer (after April 1st 2009) or CORGI engineer (before April 1st 2009).


If the vendor cannot produce a gas safety certificate then arrange for a qualified engineer to inspect all gas appliances. Once all the appliances have passed inspection, the engineers will give a gas safety certificate to the vendor, who should give it to you before the move in date.


It’s vital that you get all gas appliances checked before moving in to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from badly maintained/installed gas appliances.


As a landlord, it is your duty to understand the legal responsibilities with regards to gas safety for your tenants. If you rent out a property, you must:

  • Make sure that all flues, pipe work and appliances are kept in a safe condition.
  • Get a gas safety check every 12 months, carried out by a registered Gas Safe engineer and receive a copy of the gas safety certifiacte.
  • Give your tenants a copy of the gas safety certificate within 28 days of the checks being conducted or before the tenants move into the property.
  • Demonstrate how to turn off the gas supply to your tenants in case of a gas leak.
  • You must keep records of all gas safety checks for 2 years.

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Covid-19 Update

We are open for business and continuing to provide our usual standard of service to customers. When we visit you, whether you’re at home or at your business location, we will take additional precautions before, during and after the appointment.