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Boiler Installation

Standard efficiency (non-condensing) boilers can waste a lot of valuable energy.


You should be aware that current building regulations state that any replacement or new gas-fired boiler must be a condensing boiler. Older boilers convert as little as 60% of the fuel they use into heat which has a big impact on your home heating bills and the environment.


We specialise in the installation of A rated condensing boilers and renewable energy products from Vaillant & Atag , using the latest technology available. Modern condensing boilers improve efficiency to over 90% which could save you a minimum of 30% per year on your home heating bills, which represents a big saving over the lifetime of your boiler.


Depending on your heating and hot water demand there are different types of condensing boilers that are available, please follow the link for any questions you might have regarding the main boiler types.

Central Heating

Our experts can help if you have any of the following:


A temperamental heating system, hot water in the header tank, cold radiators or need to continually bleed them.


It doesn’t necessarily mean a whole new system is required, there are many reasons for any central heating system to degrade and we will advise on the best way to get your heating back to its maximum potential quickly.


We also offer a design service to ensure that you get the most out of your current heating and hot water system. By taking into account the age and size of your home, and the number of occupants, we design a system that delivers maximum energy efficiency. Not only will this ensure that you and your family stay warm, but it will keep your energy bills to a minimum.


All of our plumbers and tradesmen are trained to current building regulations and our expertise extends to other parts of the house, too. We provide a whole range of services to keep your home and family warm and comfortable year round.

Electric/Renewable Heating Systems

With alternative heating systems becoming more preverlant as natural gas supplies are gradually depleting Arctic Heating Ltd have been completing manufactures training courses on Air-water Heat pumps and electric boilers to keep at the fore front of thinks to come.

Boiler Servicing & Repairs

Contracted Maintenance

Central heating systems are an important aspect of people’s life these days and Arctic Heating Ltd are experts in providing guidance regarding central heating systems.


With the invention of combination boilers, the modern central heating systems have gone to another level. These days boilers with a very high efficiency rate are available in the market and they provide efficiency ratings of more than 90%.


We are experienced in boiler maintenance, servicing and installations and our preferred boiler manufacturers; Vaillant, Atag, Ideal and Worcester Bosch are the most popular brands in the country and we can offer manufacturers backed warranty on these boilers From 7years upwards to 10 years. At the end of the warranty we can then transfer you onto our contracted maintenance package for the remaining economical life of the boiler/heating system.


Our heating engineers are Gas Safe Register accredited and undertake all types of gas related work – whether installing a gas cooker, a new fire place or even a boiler.


Old boilers can be very inefficient and waste plenty of energy and money. Modern condensing boilers are very effective in converting gas to heat and in the long run will save on heating bills and be better for the environment.


We install many boilers every year and are experienced enough to advise our customers on the best solutions for their heating needs.We pride ourselves on giving our customers satisfaction by doing all work professionally and safely.

From just £13.80 per month*, including parts, labour and unlimited call outs.

Specialist Services

Underfloor Heating

Under floor heating works particularly well with heat pumps and is most suited to new builds and new extensions.

Ground & Air Source Heat Pumps

Heat pumps use sustainable energy sources to deliver low-cost heating and hot water all year round. Heat pumps meet the needs of a wide range of properties. Ground and air source heat pumps use the latent energy in the ground or outside air to provide low cost heating and hot water for virtually any type of property.

Air to Water Heat Pumps

Air to water heat pumps are intended to be the sole source of home heating. They use the constant latent energy available in the outside air with a refrigerant circuit, the heat generated is used to create hot water for a traditional pressurised heating and hot water system.

Air to Air Heat Pumps

Air to air heat pumps can provide heating and cooling, they’re ideal for heating spaces such as apartments, smaller homes and conservatories. They can create hot or cool air to be distributed within a property. Air to air heat pumps also feature advanced air purification technology which is particularly beneficial to allergy sufferers.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps can provide all the heating and hot water needs for your home. The heat pumps work by drawing on natural, renewable energy in the ground around your home to deliver low cost, comfortable heating and hot water.

Solar Water Heating

Solar water heating systems use solar panels (sometimes called collectors) to collect heat from the sun which is then used to heat up the water stored in a hot water cylinder. A boiler is then used to further back up the heat from the water to reach the temperature you want. Solar panels form part of a system which remains separate from the boiler heating system. The solar water heating panels are mounted on a surface which is selected for its exposure to sunlight and usually connected, via pipe work, to the lower coil of a twin-coil solar cylinder.

Installation of Rayburn & AGA Cookers

We have extensive experience in fitting gas Aga & Raeburn cookers. Feel free to contact us with any enquiries.

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